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Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

We should strengthen the construction of smart science and technology agricultural system and promote modern agriculture to a new level

Bangsheng Biotechnology has been actively responding to the country's strategy and requirements for "prospering agriculture with science and technology." In recent years, we have gradually entered the fast track of technological development. Through strategic cooperation with well-known universities in the country, we have invested heavily in introducing the latest international research and development and production equipment. Good patented product. It has also successfully developed industry-leading core technologies such as LAMP technology and molecular biology detection, which can quickly detect and monitor plant diseases at the genetic level, so as to accurately determine the occurrence of disease resistance and the level of resistance, and then apply Precise and professional control schemes and scientific medicines ultimately achieve the goal of precise plant protection.

Agriculture is a long-term, slow-acting industry, so it cannot be achieved overnight. Therefore, we cannot and do not have the eagerness to make agricultural products. Agriculture is only suitable for people with affection.

Do not forget to start again, and bravely shoulder the heavy responsibility. Jiang Bangsheng people will keep in mind the mission and will continue to work with the majority of cooperative units and dealer representatives to make new contributions to the development of agricultural plant protection.

Chairman's signature: Mr. Kong Weibao