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Scientific and technological innovation is the endogenous driving force for the company's sustainable development. Jiangsu Bangsheng always regards R & D and innovation as the lifeline and source of power for the development of the company. Each year, more than 10% of the company's annual sales revenue is invested in independent R & D and innovation excellence, in order to continuously improve the company's R & D strength and innovation speed, and ensure Always on the cutting edge of technology.

At the same time, Jiangsu Bangsheng not only has a strong R & D team with Qi Wu senior engineer of Engineering Technology Center of China Pesticide Industry Association and Professor Chen Changjun of Nanjing Agricultural University as the chief expert, focusing on the research and development of agricultural plant protection application technology and pesticide formulation production and application technology ; The senior management of the company attaches great importance to cultivating the awareness of all employees to participate in innovation, and has effectively integrated the relevant advantageous resources of 17 colleges and universities such as Nanjing Agricultural University, Yangzhou University, Southeast University, and Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and invited many well-known experts Established a team of expert consultants and formed its own unique technological innovation circle, which greatly enhanced the company's R & D strength and speed.

Through years of dedicated R & D and continuous innovation, our company has applied for more than 10 national patents, and plans to ensure that more than 3 national invention patents and multiple utility model patent applications are completed each year starting from this year, in order to enhance the core competitiveness of the company To ensure that our company continues to lead the industry.

A technical team with more than 1/3 of the total staff can accurately and comprehensively understand and understand market needs. Our products, technologies, and solutions developed by our company are forward-looking and safe, environmentally friendly, and efficient. The response is strong, and it is favored and trusted by users.

R & D

R & D