Company Culture Qualification Honor R & D Environmental Protection

The company always adheres to the policy of "safety first, prevention first; full participation, comprehensive management; scientific management, sustainable development." In accordance with the newly revised Laws and Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Safe Production in 2014 and the Regulations on the Safe Production of Hazardous Chemicals, etc., a series of safety production regulations have been formulated in accordance with their own production conditions, involving safety in operating in flammable and explosive areas. Regulations, safety regulations for working in toxic and hazardous areas, safety regulations for working at high altitudes, and emergency response plans, ensure the company's production safety. Strive to achieve the safety goal: pursue the limit to prevent accidents, harm human health, and do not damage the environment, comply with national laws and regulations, and observe safe operating procedures.

(1) The company regards environmental protection as an important lifeline of the company's survival and development, strictly abides by the relevant national environmental protection laws, regulations and local environmental protection regulations, and takes the responsibility of "creating a green environment and dedicating green products" to vigorously carry out environmental protection Deep governance work. Continue to increase investment in environmental protection, carry out comprehensive environmental protection management upgrades and reconstructions from the source, process and governance methods, greatly reduce the amount of pollutant emissions and comprehensive utilization of resources, and actively develop new varieties of high efficiency, safety and environmental protection.

(2) Establish and improve various environmental protection management systems, formulate a number of environmental protection systems, formulate environmental protection responsibility systems, determine environmental protection management and pollution control goals and indicators, implement total internal pollutant discharge control of the company, and strictly evaluate Link wages; implement the ISO14001 environmental management system to ensure the effective operation and continuous improvement of the environmental system in the company to achieve environmental performance; actively summarize and study the emergency response countermeasures for environmental emergencies, formulate emergency plans for environmental accidents, and conduct irregular drills.

Strengthen pollution prevention and treatment, strengthen the source control, process control and end-of-treatment treatment of pollutants, and actively carry out the activities of "creating leak-free workshops" and "monthly environmentally-friendly advanced workshops" to implement pollution control throughout the process. Implemented a number of technological transformations, improved the level of production technology, reduced raw material consumption, eliminated toxic materials, reduced pollutant emissions, and saved energy and resources.

Environmental Protection